Building a miniature coffee shop

After months of walking by this miniature, I finally picked it up (with the added bonus of being on clearance at Hobby Lobby.)

I opened the box and pulled out all the bag with tiny pieces. It was here I knew I needed to bring my patience, and got ready to dive into the exciting world of building a miniature kit.

I had to keep reminding myself that wasn't a race. So I took my and started to enjoy the process. I carefully followed the instructions, step by step.

Now, let's talk tools. The only extra tool I needed was wire cutters. Other than that, the kit came with EVERYTHING! There was a pair of tweezers (for those itty-bitty details), a trusty hobby knife (the hero for cutting out delicate pieces), a small scissor, a ruler and a mini screwdriver.

Building a mini kit wasn't just about the finished product, it was also about the journey. It was time for me to go into my corner and relax my mind of all the my pressures in the real world. i embraced the joy of seeing my creation come to life, bit by bit. I celebrate every triumph, no matter how small, and i didn’t get discouraged by the occasional setbacks. 

When I was finished, I took a step back and admired my mini masterpiece and was proud of this tiny world I built all by myself. 

The coffee shop was just a toe dip into the water. Next up is a beach house followed by a mansion. 

To see the video of the whole process, visit my YouTube channel @OdellProject:


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