Fusion Colors of the Week - Casement & Bedford


Every week we feature a colour of the week, we do that so you can see the wonderful array of colours we have in our collection. We show you which colours to pair them with so you can easily get the look you want. In this post we are featuring Colour of the week Casement and Bedford so you can get inspired!



Casement is our go-to lightest warm white, Casement is a crowd favourite. Inspired by summer’s warm breeze through open windows. Fresh and forward.


Pair with:
Inglenook for a refined look
Laurentien for a bold statement.

Casement mood board


We found some great examples on Social Media and just had to share them with you for inspiration!


FEATURED Casement_@JennCannDesigns (1)

This stunning MCM sideboard was expertly refinished in Casement by the very talented @JennCannDesigns over on Instagram, Jenn often stops us in our scroll with her finished piece.




Backstory Redesign has updated this campaign-style chest with Casement and we think this is a stunning look.




Sometimes all you need is a little white paint to make something beautiful again! That is exactly what Jesse from the Carriage House Studio did with this pair of old vintage chairs.



cotwcasement https___www.instagram.com_p_CJyq2hllrHY__utm_medium=copy_link

Grain and Paint updated this rattan headboard with Casement and the contrast is just lovely.



cotwcasement https___www.instagram.com_p_CON1oztrAQ1__utm_medium=copy_link

Teresa from Fiddle and Faff in the UK made this mid-century modern chest of drawers bang up to date and hopefully, someone will enjoy them for the next 50 years!




Natural and understated this nod-range neutral grey with a soft undertone of yellow. A real hidden gem in our collection.
Pair with: Champlain for neutral sophistication Fort York Red for an unexpected statement

We found some very pretty examples of Bedford check them out.


https___www.pinterest.ca_pin_985231159221800_ (1)

A beautiful example of the colour and a great job from Fusion Merchant Lynne at ellen j goods



The details on this dressing table by Sitting Pretty Home Decor really looks amazing in this soft neutral.



Bedford works well as a Farmhouse neutral and works beautifully on this piece from Pinewood Charm 



A vintage vibe to this two-toned dresser and Bedford works well with this warm wood tone. The cute legs caught our eye! Painted by the talented Backstory Redesigns



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