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I love looking at everything to try and figure out just how it was done and begin to imagine myself recreating it. This can be anything from how furniture was built to changing the look of a piece. 

I like it because anytime I try to think of something on my own, my mind goes blank. Sort of like when I was in English class... I was great at jumping into the body of an essay but I was never good at my intro paragraphs. 

So now I look at other pieces of work to see just how I can take the idea and make it my own. If you too are struggling with a starting point I hope you get inspired by the series of emails, social media posts and Pinterest pins or whatever.  

Today we'll start with the French Specialties Decor Transfer by Redesign with Prima. A classic look is to pair it with any of Fusion's whites


  • Picket Fence – brightest pure white. It can be used to highlight the subtle tones of surrounding colors

  • CasementThis is our favourite neutral warm white that pairs well with virtually any color!

  • Lamp White - Lamp White is a transformative neutral that offers warmth or coolness depending on its surroundings. With subtle hints of grey, this shade is light and bright and perfect for any space.
  • Victorian Lace - Romantic in every way, this multitone white is perfectly balanced between warm and cool. This shade is inspired by the intricate details of its namesake.

  • Raw Silk - A delicate white inspired by the natural luxury of raw silk. This classic warm white adds dimension to any color scheme.
  • Cashmere - Wrap up in the warmth of this luxurious neutral. Soft and elegant, this shade offers a slight cream undertone.

  • Chateau - A grounding neutral inspired by enchanting castle walls. This shade reflects light beautifully and creates an instant feeling of cozy sophistication.

  • Champlain - Our most popular warm white, this neutral has presence and goes with any decor scheme. Champlain is a versatile shade that translates well for projects both small and large.

  • Limestone - Designed to mimic the natural complexity of limestone, this smooth shade is beautiful on its own or as a backdrop for accents of blue and green.

  • Plaster - Not too white, not too yellow, but not quite beige. This balanced blonde is the perfect neutral that will work beautifully throughout

If I had to guess, the dresser looks to be Casement or Victorian Lace. What’s cool about this large transfer is that it comes in 3 sheets. This way, if your piece is not big enough, you can cut out the bits you don't want to make the design all your own.

If you really want to make it stand out, you can pair it with a bold color like Prairie Sunset, Fort York Red or Azure.


Do you already have a project using this transfer? We'd love to see it. Join our Facebook Group and share your pictures!





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