Redesign Summer 2022 Small Decor Transfers

The best thing comes in small packages! 12 new vibrant and beautiful designs of our perfectly sized transfers. The wonderful thing about small transfers is that they are perfect for the beginner and expert alike! If unrolling a large transfer felt just a little bit too intimidating then no fear the size of these decor transfers is just perfect since they can be packaged flat. Beginner-friendly, easy to use, and beautiful designs, what more could anyone ask for?

Tropical Birds #657314

Wild Flowers #657536

Natural Flora #657352

Flamingo Pink #657369

Sweet Berries #657376

Organic Flora #658939

Citrus Slice #657444

Water Lilies #658922

Mermaid Treasure #657413

Scriptures #656669

Vintage Wallpaper II #657680

Secret Letter #657697

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