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The Odell Project

Etruscan Rose Applique

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These appliques are incredibly lightweight and perfect for your next project. They are casted from modeling foam that gives a little flexibility without shrinking or cracking (like clay.)

Custom orders and pricing available upon request.


Mostly used for prototyping and cosplay, modeling foam keeps the detail of the mould and does not contain air bubbles (like resin.)

These appliques can be applied with glue and painted, sanded or heated (hair dryer or heat gun) to easily adapt around any surface or layered with other objects. Compared to traditional clay or resin, the modeling foam is little spongy and allows masking over imperfections on the back side without losing any details on the front side. Applique may arrive with a slight bend during dry time, but this can easily be fixed by heating before application.


Measurements are estimates and could vary slightly based on final shape and use of product. Colors may vary on viewing device. Final distressing will vary from picture since everything is handmade.